Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stage One--All Done!

Oh, my goodness--it has been entirely too long since I updated this blog.  I don't think it's laziness exactly--more like distraction.  All kinds of exciting things have been going on, but first.....ta-da!!!

Here's the top--all the blocks and the appliqued border!  It isn't the greatest photo in the world, but I hope you can see the little bluebirds of happiness in each of the corners.  They may be my new favorite--I've always included hearts in my quilts, usually in the quilting, but there just may have to be a bird or two in every quilt in the future....

The top has been finished for quite a while--in fact, long enough so that I put the last stitches in the the binding today.  It's drying after its wash (have to get rid of all the washout blue marker and any oils from my hands.  Just barely in time--my quilt guild's "big reveal" (doesn't that seem like it should be in capital letters---the BIG REVEAL---followed by a drum roll?) is Monday night.  I can't wait to see what everyone else has been doing!

P.S.--Thanks to Karen for asking how this quilt was coming along--I needed a little nudge to get busy posting again!


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  1. Bingo! I am so glad that you posted a picture of the applique quilt. I was studying the picture trying to decide which block is my favorite. Maybe the pineapple block or maybe the basket block in the center. But then, the oak leaf reel block is a good one too.