Saturday, April 21, 2012

Post Mortem on a Quilt

Here's how the Tetris quilt story is playing out.....yesterday evening, I finished taking out the quilting stitches (100x140 square inches of quilting = a lot of stitches).  When I took apart the quilt sandwich, the back of the quilt top was white with the residue from the batting.  I've had occasion to take apart QIPs before and have never seen anything like this.  I can't help but feel that something had gone wrong with the batting.  Next step, rightly or wrongly, I washed the top and backing in my washing machine, which has a really, really gentle delicate cycle. 

When I removed the quilt top from the dryer, the situation actually was worse than ever---the batting shreds had rolled up in the seam allowances, apparently having latched on to the threads in the cut edges of the blocks.  At this point, it was obvious that this quilt top was a lost cause.  Even if i could remove the batting/thread rolls and balls, I feel that the integrity of the quilt--it's sturdiness--would be so compromised that I couldn't be confident it would hold up to any wear at all. 

And I'm sort of sick of the sight of it.....I would include a picture of it, but I feel too sorry for the poor thing.

Next over.  Tell you about it in my next post!  It really is true that ordering fabric IS a universal cure for sadness.  :)


  1. Joana, I'm heartsick over this for you. Can't imagine. I'm sure you are looking forward to happier quilting moments. This would be a hard one to get past.

  2. Thank you, Jan--but it really is okay. I'm, determined enough so that I'm going to get this quilt made in spite of the setbacks. I also had to order 1/2 yards of lots of different colors which is like getting a lollipop from the doctor. :)