Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quilt Guild and Lasagna, Part 2!

Just a quick update--I got to my guild meeting in plenty of time to slide the lasagna into the oven to stay warm, and then I started to say hello to everyone---especially Anne, one of the ladies I was doing refreshments with. I asked if I could help her bring in her other stuff, but she didn't have any--you should have seen her face when I asked about the salad and bread!  But it was okay, I told her as I comforted her, anyone could forget...not a big deal.  Then Mary came in carrying a tray of food, plastic plates, and I offered to help her bring her stuff in--she didn't need any help either because she was just helping the two ladies who had the meal last night.  You see, I was a little early with my lasagna....we are signed up for April.  I just love quilters though---it's hard to phase them.  We just put out the lasagna beside the sandwiches and chips and ate until we couldn't hold any more.  Another plus?  I didn't have to cook dinner tonight--and neither did a bunch of the guild ladies who took some lasagna home with them!


  1. Don't you hate it when you say something that makes perfectly good sense in your mind and people look at you blankly and you feel so sorry for them because they are just not keeping up, and then slowly realize you're the one who's not in step? Me, too. :D

    1. YES!!! And don't you hate it when you say hello to someone and they look at you as if they have have no idea who you are...and then you realize it's because they have no idea who you are? I have entirely too much experience with this kind of thing. :)

    2. Oh, my! I've done that so many times that it's not funny. I've had it done to me, too. One time when the girls were little, the manager of the skating rink asked me why I wasn't out there skating because I was such a good skater. I knew he was wrong but I was stupid enough to actually try it. After almost killing myself, I told him I wasn't who he thought I was.