Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dude....That Is Totally Wicked!

So--I have been dipping into a book my dear one gave me for Christmas this year--A Treasury of Mennonite Quilts by Rachel & Kenneth Pellman.  It's all pictures and some background information, no patterns. It is truly inspirational--I've been thinking about starting a Lone Star quilt and there are some breathtaking ones in this book.  My favorite--at least for the next five minutes or so--has a steel grey background with the star points in solids.  I'm surprised by how well the grey works, and it would be so much easier to quilt than black.  A couple of years ago, I made an Amish-style Diamond In A Square with a black background, black thread, and even back batting inside it.  My eyes are well over forty (it's not polite to ask about the rest of me, thank you very much), and it was hard! Pictures?  Okay---there you go.

Anyway---I was describing the quilts in the book to someone in an email and got to the "The quilts are,,,,,," and I got stuck.  Cool?  Awesome?  Ba-a--a--d?  Totally wicked?  Well, obviously, the last two are just totally inappropriate for Mennonite quilts....oh, no!  There I go again with the "totally" stuff.  You know, I don't even really have to tell anyone I have two young adult kids/ children/offspring---my vocabulary gives me away!  After a while, I came up with beautiful, inspirational, and a few others.  I'm having my revenge on my kids, though--Ben is hooked on Creedence Clearwater Revival--I mean, like, totally. 


  1. Your quilting is beautiful. I love seeing the backs of quilts. It really shows the quilting. I wish I were that good.

    Oh and I did think wicked was a little off for a quilt especially one that was Amish or Mennonite. Once I read the post I did understand a bit more. :-)

  2. Bad Moon Risin' is now running through my head this morning. :) Just looking at hand quilting even in photos makes me happy.

  3. This is lovely & the quilting is really very good i wish i could do something like this
    Hugs Janice

  4. Gorgeous!! I know what you mean. We have four adult children that all have kids of their own now... when they lived at home I picked up a lot of their lingo! Trudy