Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tetris Quilt How-tos

Here are some quick tips on making the Tetris quilt (especially for Riley!).

  • Each block has a light triangle, two mediums and a dark.
  • First you'll pair a light square and a medium, and a dark square and a medium, RST (right sides together)
  • Draw a line corner to corner on the wrong side of one square in each pair.  Sew 1/4 inch on each side of the seam and cut apart on the line.  Press the seam to the darker side--gently, don't stretch it.  Do the same with the other pair.
  • Take those two squares and place them RST with the medium of one square opposite the medium on the opposite square.  Draw a line corner to corner on the wrong side, sew 1/4 inch on either side of that line and cut it apart down the line.  Gently press open.  
  • That's it--you have your first block.
You can find tutorials on making half square (1st step) and quarter square (2nd step) triangles on youtube.  I would use graph paper to draw and color in my design before I started.  My finished blocks are 5 1/2 inch square.

Hope this helps!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Round and Round We Go!

The wedding is over---and it was such a beautiful, magical, perfect day!  I'm still waiting (anxiously) on pictures.  It isn't that the images aren't vivid in my mind, but I know there is a lot our photographer saw and captured that I missed--can't wait to see what she has for us.  Katie was beautiful---breathtakingly beautiful--that was obvious from Ryan's expression when he saw her at the end of the aisle.  So many people who love them were there to celebrate that we wound up bringing in chairs at the back of the church, and the reception was the best party I've been to in a long time.  I promise to post pictures when I have them!

In the meantime, I'm still quilting away---but now I'm to the edge on one long side of the wedding quilt and about to start the next one.  No more downloading Kindle books until it's finished!  That has been my downfall, especially the first week after the wedding when I was soooo tired.....but here are a couple of shots of the first side---27 swags to go!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Note to Self...

Note to self: objects may be bigger than they appear in hoop.  There was much rejoicing at my house when I finally got to the "last" corner of Katie's whole cloth---the end was in sight!  That was a good thing because the wedding is almost here----17 days from now!  Ack!!!! Not that I'm not perfectly chill about this whole thing.  Really. Ahem.

Anyway....the thing about that last corner is that it's a really big corner.    Really, really big.  This is what happens when one quilts round and round the center and out to the sides in a sort of (but not really) circle:  rectangles have corners.  Really, really ....oh, yeah, said that already.  

Undaunted, however, I am determined to: 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Coming Up For Air

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Well, once again, I'm surfacing for a little breath of air.  As many of you know, 2013 is proving to be an eventful year for my family.  This week, my daughter presented her senior piano recital--she was amazing!  Yes, I know moms are prejudiced, but it's really true.  She played Debussy, Mozart, and Rahbee, with so much confidence, so beautifully.  She looked beautiful too.  Now it's on to bridal showers, college graduation, and wedding.  Whew!

Next big thing in my quilting world is finishing the wedding quilt--you've seen a glimpse here and there--I'll try to get a picture up soon.  I showed three quilts in Crossroads Quilters' show and was awarded 1st and 2nd place ribbons in the small applique quilt division.  That was fun--some beautiful quilts there.

One last thing---I'm making the move to Bloglovin, so check it out--I love the reader experience there,and I think you will too.  You might want to try subscribing to Material Blessings and other blogs by email so you won't miss a one.  

I'll see you again soon---promise!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ta Dah!!!!

Do you remember those nature films teachers used to show years ago?  The ones where a seed would sprout, grow into a plant, and bloom in just a minute or two?  I loved those movies!  I'm pretty sure they used to show them on Sunday nights on the Disney show, but we were always at church on Sunday nights---except for the one Sunday night each year when my brother and I were suddenly taken ill.  Strangely, this seemed to coincide with the broadcast of "The Wizard of Oz," which is really a terrifying picture if you think about it....

Any way---last night I posted pictures of my Baltimore Album quilt top.  Tonight, I am happy to present.....(drum roll, please!).....the finished quilt.  Ta-Dah!!!!

A million thanks to Mimi Dietrich and her book, Baltimore Basics.  Although it is now, sadly, out of print, my very wonderful husband ordered a copy of it directly from Mimi for my birthday.  I really challenged myself with this quilt--new techniques, fabrics that were out of my comfort zone--and I'm really happy with what I've learned.  And now....on to the next quilt....'cause there's going to be a wedding.....:)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stage One--All Done!

Oh, my goodness--it has been entirely too long since I updated this blog.  I don't think it's laziness exactly--more like distraction.  All kinds of exciting things have been going on, but first.....ta-da!!!

Here's the top--all the blocks and the appliqued border!  It isn't the greatest photo in the world, but I hope you can see the little bluebirds of happiness in each of the corners.  They may be my new favorite--I've always included hearts in my quilts, usually in the quilting, but there just may have to be a bird or two in every quilt in the future....

The top has been finished for quite a while--in fact, long enough so that I put the last stitches in the the binding today.  It's drying after its wash (have to get rid of all the washout blue marker and any oils from my hands.  Just barely in time--my quilt guild's "big reveal" (doesn't that seem like it should be in capital letters---the BIG REVEAL---followed by a drum roll?) is Monday night.  I can't wait to see what everyone else has been doing!

P.S.--Thanks to Karen for asking how this quilt was coming along--I needed a little nudge to get busy posting again!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Baltimore Blocks

I have finished a few more of the blocks for my guild challenge quilt.  If you remember, I decided to combine two challenges--using the fabrics for the challenge without buying more of any of the fabrics, as well as making a beginner Baltimore album quilt.  I'm using Mimi Dietrich's Baltimore Basics and having a blast!  Anyway, here are five more of the blocks--just two more to go, then sashing, borders and on to the quilting!  I have until the end of January, but that isn't all that far away, is it?

 Well, there they are--not perfect, but I think they look pretty good.